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A Bridge Over Troubled Smiles

Call me crazy, but I think teeth should stay right where they are.

The stability of your smile is an important thing, because it affects pretty much everything you do – even though you take it for granted.

A smile full of sturdy, healthy teeth enables you to eat the kind of foods you want without worrying about pain or damage; lets you smile without fear of embarrassment or shame; and give you the confidence you need to succeed at work.

But that doesn’t exactly sound like your smile, does it?

Teeth that are badly damaged or completely missing can become a major roadblock to enjoying any of those things I just mentioned, and can make even looking in the mirror to brush your teeth an emotionally painful experience each and every day of your life.

Having a smile with a few missing pieces isn’t just an albatross around your neck emotionally, because missing and damaged teeth can greatly accelerate a number of nasty oral health issues which can cause even greater damage. Think of it as having a weakened immune system that can make bacteria infections more likely.

A smile with missing or broken teeth is at a similar risk for developing problems such as gum disease, tooth decay, and “drifting teeth,” which occurs when your remaining teeth try to literally fill the gaps in the gum line. This can cause big orthodontic problems down the road, and will weaken the roots of your remaining teeth until they, too, become at risk for serious infection or falling out.

If this sounds closer to the state of your current smile, then you cannot afford to wait for those expensive dental emergencies to develop, because by then, your options will likely be limited to painful and expensive reactionary procedures, such as tooth extractions.

You can avoid this awful fate entirely if by getting a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is more than just an improvement of your appearance, but will restore functionality and health to your smile, as well!

Implant-Retained Dental Bridges (And More) For A Course-Corrected Smile

An implant-retained crown, bridge, or set of dentures can stop the continental drift of your teeth without sacrificing things like appearance or usability.

It’s possible thanks to an innovation in reconstructive dentistry known as dental implants.

A dental implant is basically an anchor point for cosmetic and restorative options like crowns, bridges, and dentures and can provide the best stability possible compared to alternative security methods, such as chemical bonding for bridges and crowns, or troublesome adhesive powders and gels for dentures.

All it requires is a simple implantation procedure performed in our St. John dentist’s office. You won’t notice any pain thanks to our anesthetic and sedation techniques, and when you wake up, you’ll be one step closer to getting your smile back on the straight and narrow.

The implant itself is basically a small titanium structure that is inserted into your gum line. Once it has healed, I will then have you come back to install a permanent crown, bridge, or set of dentures (full or partial) – it all depends on how many missing or broken teeth you have, the exent of the damage.

Denture-wearers will notice an immediate improvement on their ability to bite with the force of their youth. The sturdiness of dental implants can really recapture the functionality of your smile before it started to wither away, so you won’t have to tip-toe around your favorite foods ever again!

Once your new prosthetic teeth have been installed onto the dental implants, you’ll be able to eat and smile and talk ways that you’ve forgotten were possible!

Accept Treatment, Or Face The Consequences

Negligence isn’t an option, because now you know a little bit about what can happen to your smile if you let those imperfections persist.

I am confident that once you come in for your consultation appointment and see for yourself the types of restorative dentistry options I can offer you, then you’ll be excited about your smile and all of the potential is still holds like never before!

To make that important first appointment, I invite you to pick up your phone and call me at 219-246-3600 if you live in St. John. If you live in Valparaiso, you can call my sister office at 219-246-5249.

You may also request an appointment at either location by filling out a simple online questionnaire; just click here to get started!

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