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Dental Implants: Giving You A Reason To Smile

What Are Dental Implants?

When you’re missing teeth, it really shows — literally. Most people can readily see that empty space in your smile. That’s not a good thing. In addition, you could have trouble chewing or talking.

If you have removable dentures, your replacement teeth could move around in your mouth. They can even fall out. How embarrassing is that?

By calling our St. John or Valparaiso dental offices, you can correct all of that with dental implants. Here’s how they work:

A dental crown is custom-made to look like the tooth it’s replacing
An artificial tooth root is surgically placed in your jawbone.
An abutment is connected to it
The dental crown is connected to the abutment.
If you have dentures, then you get several artificial roots implanted. Then the gum-colored base is connected to those implants.

How Different Types Of Dental Implants Work For You

Do you have trouble because one of your teeth came out? Are you tired of your dentures sliding around on your gums? Call us today at 219-322-9920 for our St. John, IN dental office or 219-462-1970 for our Valparaiso, IN dental office. At both locations, our highly trained dentists can help with dental implants.

– The implants help prevent your jawbone from deteriorating and getting weaker.

Your natural teeth have roots that go down into the jawbone. This does two jobs. First, it holds your tooth securely in your mouth. Second, it stimulates the bone tissue and helps keep it healthy. When you’ve lost a tooth, you’ve lost both.

That’s why you need to call us today to schedule an appointment for dental implants. The artificial root mimics the natural tooth’s root. Dr. Kapers focuses heavily on treating people with dental implants, so he can help replace your missing tooth with one. This makes sure the replacement tooth stays put and stimulates the jawbone so it doesn’t deteriorate.

– Dental implants fill the empty space so food doesn’t easily build up there.

Food can get trapped along your gumline. That’s why brushing and flossing are so important. They get rid of the food particles that feed harmful bacteria. When you have a gap in your smile, food can more easily get trapped right where the teeth and gum meet. This can increase your risk of cavities and gum disease.

By calling for an appointment to get dental implants, you are lowering that risk. Dental implants fill the empty space so it’s not trapping any food more than usual. Dr. Kapers is a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, meaning he is exceptionally skilled in placing dental implants.

– Implant-secured dentures will replace a full  arch of teeth.

If you have dentures, then you already have replacement teeth. However, they might not be secure. Removable dentures rely on the base’s shape and an adhesive to stay on your gums. Many people have problems with these dentures sliding around or even falling out unexpectedly.

Call our St. John or Valparaiso dental offices today to use implants to secure those dentures. As a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, Dr. Kapers has the expertise needed to use dentures so your face looks normal and healthy. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about your dentures falling out again.

– Individual dental implants will replace a single missing tooth.

Maybe you don’t need dentures because you have all of your teeth — except for one. Whether that was knocked out or came out on its own, you need to call us today to get it replaced with a single dental implant.

Until you call, your smile will have an odd space in it. Once Dr. Kapers uses his skill to expertly place that dental implant, your smile will be whole again. We have two locations to help with dental implants — Valparaiso and St. John — so you can choose the location closest to you.

– Dental implants can keep working in your smile for 20 years or more.

Getting restorative dentistry is never a permanent fix, but dental implants are as close to that as you can get. That’s due in part to the artificial tooth root. By placing it in your jaw, you get the closest thing to regrowing a tooth as possible.

Dr. Kapers has studied dental implants extensively. He’s also done many of these over the years. By combing his advanced training and solid experience, Dr. Kapers can ensure you get a dental implant that can last for decades.

Call us today at 219-322-9920 for our St. John, IN dental office or 219-462-1970 for our Valparaiso, IN dental office. Dr. Kapers is a local expert in dental implants. With his help, you can finally get rid of that embarrassment about your missing tooth or slippery dentures.

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