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Why Now is the Best Time to Have a Sedation Dentist

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The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused numerous global issues, but one of these problems that is less visible than others is anxiety. Because you can’t see, hear, smell, or touch the virus, it’s causing those with anxiety to be extremely stressed. Plus, if you’ve never dealt with fear or anxiety, now is probably the time that you’re experiencing it. With general paranoia and businesses closed for nonessential operations, what should you do if you’re having a dental emergency? Thankfully, there is no need to panic! Your emergency dentist in St. John is ready to help in your time of need. Plus, they have the right treatments to ensure that you remain cool, calm, and collected during this uncertainty. Read on to learn more about sedation dentistry, or call Creating Smiles, PC at (219) 322-9920.

When Should You See the Emergency Dentist?

Dental discomfort is somewhat common, which is why it’s important to be able to identify a dental emergency. This is a problem that is so painful that it takes your focus off of your normal activities. Dental emergencies include chipped teeth, lost teeth, toothaches, missing fillings or crowns, infection, and more. Common sense can usually help in these situations, but if you’re in doubt, call your dentist to learn your next steps.

How Can the Dentist Help with Your Anxiety?

With cases of the coronavirus only building up, the last thing you’ll want to do is to leave your house. Afterall, fear and anxiety are at an all-time high, and you don’t want to risk your health. However, your dentist has an incredibly clean and sterilized office with various sedation options. Sedation dentistry allows you to remain relaxed and even happy during your appointments. This is not only beneficial because emergencies are usually painful, but your mind will be at ease and much less anxious. Your sedation dentist in St. John provides 3 different types of sedation that represent various levels of anxiety. After discussing your needs over the phone, your dentist can have the sedation that works best for you at the ready when you visit their office.

When an Emergency Visit is Necessary

Your dentist is always the best option for dental emergencies because they specialize in oral healthcare and have a wide range of treatments to get you out of pain. However, there are some instances that require an immediate visit to the ER. If you experience a jaw injury, uncontrollable bleeding, deep facial cuts, problems that affect breathing, or any other life-threatening issues, then you should go to the hospital right away. Although there may be potential cases of the virus, it’s vital to get treatment.

Now that you know your options for emergency dentistry, no need to worry! Your sedation dentist is here to help when you need it.

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Scott Kapers has decades of experience with helping anxious patients get relief and even enjoy their visits. He has closed his office for elective appointments, but he is ready to treat dental emergencies and get his patients out of pain. For any questions, he can be reached by phone at (219) 322-9920.

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