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Should You Visit Your ER or Emergency Dentist During The COVID-19 Crisis?

In the midst of a dental emergency, it can be difficult to make a judgement call of whether you should visit your ER or emergency dentist in Valparaiso. During the COVID-19 crisis, you’ll also need to think about additional potential risk factors of making the decision to visit your ER when you don’t necessarily have to. Read on to learn when you should visit your emergency dentist and why it’s a good idea to avoid the ER if possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have any questions, call Creating Smiles, PC at (219) 462-1970.

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When Should You Visit Your Emergency Dentist?

Your emergency dentist in Valparaiso is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to handle a variety of situations, including everything from jaw pain to knocked-out teeth. Plus, they’re specialists when it comes to facial and oral injuries, because they’ve spent years studying facial anatomy and the way muscles and bones interact in that area. This makes them highly qualified to treat some of the following issues:

  • Damaged restorations
  • Severe toothaches
  • Facial swelling
  • Clicking or popping jaw
  • Jaw tension and pain
  • Broken or damaged teeth
  • Knocked-out permanent tooth

The best way to learn whether your emergency dentist can handle the situation you face is to contact them directly. They’ll be able to assess the situation and schedule a same-day appointment for you if necessary.

What are the Possible Risks of Visiting an ER?

Visiting the emergency room is an especially risky decision to make during the time of COVID-19, which is why it’s a good idea to avoid it if possible. Not only will you not be able to receive specialized care, but you may also taking a gamble on the following:

  • Potential exposure to other patients who are sick
  • Long wait times
  • Temporary pain relief, not a long-lasting solution

Plus, because your dentist near you is open and solely treating emergency cases, you’ll be able to receive care in a more controlled and sanitized area. Emergency dentists are strictly following CDC guidelines and doing everything possible to avoid unnecessary patient-to-patient contact while providing fast and effective dental care.

When Do You Require Medical Attention From A Hospital?

There are certain situations that require urgent medical treatment before your emergency dentist will be able to take care of your dental needs. These include jaw breaks and fractures, deep facial lacerations that require stitches, and any problem that’s causing difficulty breathing or swallowing. Once you visit your ER, be sure to contact your emergency dentist’s office to schedule an appointment to protect your smile and prevent additional problems from developing down the road.

During the COVID-19 crisis, it’s especially important to assess your situation and weigh the risk factors of visiting an ER instead of an emergency dentist. In most cases, your dentist is able to safely and effectively treat most situations, so it’s best to contact them first.

About the Author

Dr. Scott Kapers has years of experience treating a range of dental emergencies, giving him the knowledge necessary to quickly and effectively treat urgent situations. He focuses on providing the best quality of dental care while helping his patients feel comfortable and relaxed in the treatment chair. He offers sedation techniques as well, for patients who are especially fearful or nervous about receiving treatment. For questions or to schedule an emergency appointment, call (219) 462-1970.

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