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If You Want Real Teeth Whitening, Call Us Today

Do you wish you had a bright, white smile? Tired of letting people see your dark, dingy teeth whenever you smile? Call us today (St. John, IN at (219) 322-9920 or Valparaiso, IN at (219) 462-1970) to make an appointment for Zoom teeth whitening. Our dentists have advanced training in cosmetic dentistry and can help you get the smile you deserve.

Why Teeth Whitening Helps You

   How can teeth whitening help you?

– You get rid of stains left behind on your teeth.
– Your confidence goes up because you look good.
– You look years younger.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments like teeth whitening do much more than make you look good. That’s why you need to call us TODAY at our St. John, IN dental office at (219) 322-9920 or our Valparaiso, IN dental office at (219) 462-1970. With our Whitening for Life! program, you can get free teeth whitening treatments each time you come in for your twice-yearly teeth cleaning and exam.

Skip The Store-Bought Systems

There are many products you can buy without a prescription that claim to whiten your teeth. They do — sort of. It’s just that professional teeth whitening works much better.

Here are some of the problems with store-bought teeth whitening kits.

The whitening agent is diluted on purpose.
In order to be sold without a prescription, the whitening agent in store-bought kits is made weak on purpose. In other words, there’s so little there that a prescription is unnecessary. If you want professional-level results, you will have to use these teeth whitening kits repeatedly.
Call our Indiana dental offices today for professional teeth whitening. With just a single visit, you can walk out with a dazzlingly white smile.

You could get uneven results unless you follow instructions exactly.
To be honest, most people aren’t trained to use teeth whitening. That means you’ll have to rely solely on hard-to-read instructions. Make one mistake, and you could have some teeth whiter than others. Instead of making your smile look amazing, you can make it look strange.
That’s why you need to call Creating Smiles, PC today for professional teeth whitening. Our team is highly trained to help you have fantastic results with teeth whitening from the first time you try it.

You can irritate or damage your gums.

The whitening agent is safe for enamel, but it’s not designed for soft tissues like your gums. Getting some on there can irritate or even damage your gums. Since you might end up using these kits repeatedly for good results, that means repeated chances of hurting your gum tissue.
By calling us today, you can schedule an appointment for teeth whitening that’s safer for your gum tissues. Our dentists have been whitening teeth in Indiana for years, so they have the expertise to use whitening safely.

Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening Works Better

At both our St. John, IN and Valparaiso, IN dental offices, you can get Zoom professional teeth whitening. This system uses a special dental laser to activate the whitening agent. You can be eight shades lighter in just 45 minutes. Zoom simply has more advantages than store-bought kits.

Our dentists have advanced training in using teeth whitening.
With store-bought kits, you have to be the dentist. Take advantage of our years of experience and training and let us to the teeth whitening for you. Our dentists know how to use teeth whitening for accurate, fast results without hurting your teeth or gums.

You will get better results with professional-strength Zoom teeth whitening.
The whitening agent in Zoom is only available to dentists. That’s because it’s strong stuff. Instead of diluted whitening, you’ll get professional teeth whitening from dentists trained in how to use it safely.

A take-home version has the same strength.
If you’re busy, you can get a take-home version of Zoom from either our St. John, IN or Valparaiso, IN dental offices. You still get professional-strength teeth whitening, but you can control when to use it as well as how bright you want your teeth to be.

We offer the Whitening for Life! program.
Plus, Creating Smiles, PC offers a special program for our patients: Whitening for Life! Once you get Zoom teeth whitening at either of or Indiana offices, you can get free teeth whitening treatments when you come in for a dental clean and exam twice a year. This can help keep that bright, white smile you love so much.

Call us TODAY: St. John, IN at (219) 322-9920 or Valparaiso, IN at (219) 462-1970. Your bright smile is here waiting for you.

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