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The Reasons Behind (And The Cures For) Dental Anxiety

Do you fear going to the dentist? You’re not alone. That’s why you should call us today at (219) 322-9920 for our St. John, IN dental office or (219) 462-1970 for our Valparaiso, IN dental office. Dr. Kapers studied with the Dental Organization for Sedation Dentistry. He has the training to help you relax and get the dental treatments you need.

Why You Might Fear The Dentist

Here are several common reasons why you might have dental anxiety.

Cause: You don’t have any bad experiences, but you’ve heard of them.

Stories can be powerful. Whether you heard about a bad dental visit from a friend, a TV show, or a book, those words can get stuck in your mind. When it’s time to schedule your next dental exam and cleaning, you can’t help but think of that story. It can make you very anxious about your visit.

Call us today at either of our Indiana dental offices: St. John at (219) 322-9920, or Valparaiso at (219) 462-1970. The staff at both locations know how to take care of your concerns. You can even get nitrous oxide to help feel calm and get past any anxiety.

Cause: You had a bad experience as a child going to the dentist’s office.

Maybe the story causing the problem is yours. As a child, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or nervous when you go to a dentist’s office. It’s full of strange people and tools. Even as an adult, those anxious feelings can still affect you. Even though you know you’re going to be fine, you can still deal with dental anxiety.

By calling us today, you can make an appointment to include oral conscious sedation. Dr. Kapers has trained with the prestigious Dental Organization for Sedation Dentistry, so he has specialized training in using oral conscious sedation to help you feel comfortable throughout your treatment.

Cause: You’re worried that you’ll get a lecture because it’s been a long time since your last dental visit.

You know you should be visiting the dentist every six months. But it’s not hard to fall out of that habit. You miss one because of work, then another due to family, and it just snowballs from there. You might be worried how we’ll react when we finally see you.

The teams at both our St. John and Valparaiso dental offices are only concerned with helping you have great teeth and gums. You will not receive any lectures here. Instead, Dr. Kapers and Dr. Ornelas work hard to establish a strong doctor-patient relationship with you, then work on helping your dental health improve. Just knowing that can help.

Cause: You are used to being in control, so the thought of lying back in the chair doing nothing bothers you.

Some people think it’s a control issue, but it’s not. It’s about what you’re used to doing. Parents, supervisors, and more are simply used to being in control. They’re responsible for so much. Then they go to the dentist and have to lie back while other people do everything. It’s so different from what you’re used to that it can make you anxious.

When you call us today, you can make an appointment that includes nitrous oxide. Dr. Kapers is well trained, having studied with the Dental Organization for Sedation Dentistry for how to use nitrous oxide safely and effectively. He can help you relax so you can get your needed dental treatments in no time at all.

Cause: You’re worried about just how bad the situation might be.

Your mind can make small things loom large and scary. You probably don’t know what’s wrong with your teeth. That means you can worry about worst-case scenarios. Is that toothache just a cavity, or will it need a root canal or even a dental extraction?

By calling our St. John or Valparaiso dental offices today, you are one step closer to getting past this problem. Dr. Kapers is highly trained and is dedicated to providing the simplest treatment that works. If you are still concerned, he has the training to deliver nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation.

Call us today at (219) 322-9920 for our St. John, IN dental office or (219) 462-1970 for our Valparaiso, IN dental office. Dental anxiety is a real problem, so you need real solutions. You need a dentist who has advanced training in sedation dentistry like Dr. Kaper

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