Restoring Teeth with Quality Dental Crowns in Valparaiso and St. John, Indiana

dental crowns in st. john and valparaiso, in

Dental crowns are a facet of restorative dentistry, designed to repair and improve the appearance of a damaged or discolored tooth. At Creating Smiles, PC, our goal is to have you leaving with your smile looking even better than it did before the damage occurred. We’re able to achieve virtually flawless results thanks to our advanced technology and ability to restore smiles with minimally invasive techniques. Our custom-made dental crowns will blend right in with your natural teeth and be just as durable. We offer gold, silver, and porcelain crowns.

If one or more of your teeth have sustained damage or are noticeably discolored and you want a change, give us a call.

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Why You Might Need to Have a Dental Crown

Teeth can become damaged in a variety of ways, but this doesn’t always mean the end for the tooth. We might be able to save it from being extracted! Restoration can be possible in the form of a dental crown if:

  • Your tooth is cracked or chipped

  • You had a root canal very recently and need to protect the tooth

  • Your tooth has become severely stained or discolored and it stands out

  • You had a dental implant placed and it needs to be capped off

dental crown preparation
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How Do I Get Fitted for a Dental Crown?

Naturally, your dental crown will need to fit like a glove over your tooth in order to be comfortable and functional. To start, your dentist will need to examine your tooth to decide the best course of action. There are several factors that go into helping us decide what type of crown you’ll need and how it will have to be placed, including your bite alignment, gum tissue, and your budget.

You will have an impression taken of your teeth so we can craft the dental crown to fit in perfectly. During the time that your crown is being made, you’ll be given a temporary crown to protect your tooth. Once the crown is ready, we’ll first do a fitting to make sure everything is comfortable, then cement the crown in place.

How Long do Dental Crowns Last?

At Creating Smiles, PC, we want your dental crown to be as well-made and durable as possible. With proper care, you can expect your crown to last a lifetime. We recommend avoiding chewy, hard, and sticky foods whenever possible and keeping up with brushing twice daily and flossing at least once a day.

If you have any questions about caring for your dental crown or need a checkup, please give one of our dental offices a call.

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