Offering Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings in Valparaiso and St. John, Indiana

dental fillings in st. john and valparaiso, in

Roughly a quarter of the adult population between ages 20-65 is living with untreated cavities, a condition that can lead to tooth decay and eventually, tooth loss. Having to deal with this condition and the pain and damage it causes can become not just stressful, but very expensive. Often, the idea of the cost of treatment is enough to prevent many individuals from seeking dental care, which only makes the problem worse. At Creating Smiles, PC, we offer dental fillings as a simple, easy solution to treat cavities and prevent future tooth decay, and give you a naturally healthy smile once more. We accept a variety of dental insurance plans, along with CareCredit, to help you cover the cost of your treatment.

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Do Dental Fillings Hurt?

If you’re concerned about getting dental fillings, we can assure you that the procedure is minimally invasive and painless. We offer several types of sedation to make your appointment comfortable and stress-free. You might experience some minor soreness of the tooth a day or two after your procedure, but this is normal and it should wear off quickly.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Our dental team will be at your side throughout your visit, answering your questions and helping you feel at ease. You can elect for sedation dentistry to make the procedure a little easier. One of the benefits of our composite dental fillings is that they bond to the enamel of the tooth, so we only have to remove a very small part of the tooth in order to place the composite material.

Once your filling has been placed, your cavity will be long forgotten, and you likely won’t even be able to see where the filling is, as it will blend into your natural tooth.

woman getting a filling