Providing Root Canal Therapy to Treat Tooth Pain in Valparaiso and St. John, Indiana

Root canal therapy may not be a pleasant prospect, but it can improve your oral health and eliminate the serious tooth pain that often comes with a decayed or abscessed tooth root. What’s more, a root canal can literally save your tooth from further infection, and the likelihood of being extracted entirely. At Creating Smiles, PC, we can help you determine whether your tooth can be treated with fillings, or if root canal therapy is actually the better option. It might set your mind at ease to know that root canal therapy is not much different from getting fillings. We can make the procedure painless and, thanks to sedation dentistry, a lot less stressful for you, too.

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How Root Canal Therapy Works to Save a Tooth

A root canal can provide instant relief for tooth pain. The entire procedure typically requires several visits, as we first need to remove any trace of infection inside the tooth, clean the root canal, ready the tooth for restoration, and then place the permanent restoration to strengthen your tooth and protect it from future infection. Once you have your dental crown, you can return to normal function and get back to enjoying life!

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Nervous About Your Root Canal?

You don’t have to be, but Creating Smiles, PC has several safe sedation options to make the procedure much easier. Making you comfortable and relaxed is one of our highest priorities, and we offer different forms of sedation to suit our patients’ needs. These include oral conscious sedation, IV sedation, and nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

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