Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Keep You From the Dentist in Indiana

Does even thinking about going to the dentist make you break out in a sweat? Do you have trouble getting numb at the dentist, or have you had painful experiences that have made you steer clear of dental offices altogether?

These are all common problems that some dentists simply do not pay enough attention to. Our office understands that dental fear is a legitimate issue that keeps millions of Americans from taking proper care of their mouths. The reality of the situation is, of course, that neglecting the dentist does not make your problems go away – it makes your problems                                                                        much worse and usually much more expensive.


We focus on all aspects of dentistry but our main focus is sedation dentistry. We like to get those patients that haven’t been to a dental office in five to ten years, the patient that is afraid to make that phone call, the patient that makes that phone call that drives past the office two or three times before they walk in the front door. We even get referrals from other doctors for patients who have gag reflexes and can’t get any work done just because of the fact that as soon as an instrument or a finger is going toward their mouth they are already backing up and there is nothing that is going to get taken care of that way. Sedation dentistry is where we can do multiple visits in one visit. We can get years of dentistry done in one or two visits and that’s kind of what those patients are looking for. Some of our patients that were our sedation patients are now currently patients. They have gained so much trust through what we have done for them and how happy they are with their smile that we don’t even need to do sedation any more but they never would have came here, never would have gotten anything taken care of if we wouldn’t have initially done the sedation."


Fearful patients often tell us about a painful experience they had, an experience with a less-than-gentle doctor, or sometimes they are just overwhelmed by the amount of dental work they need. Dr. Kapers has heard many of these concerns during his more than 20 years in dentistry, and he has safe solutions that will allow you to receive the dental work you need – sedation dentistry Indiana.

Nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation help relax fearful patients and aid us in treating patients who need extensive dental work.

Nitrous Oxide

You probably know nitrous oxide better by the name laughing gas. This treatment is rendered through a small mask, and the patient inhales the gas to relax them before their dental treatment. This treatment works almost instantly and wears off immediately after your procedure – which means you can drive yourself to and from our office.

We commonly use nitrous oxide for patients with a mild fear of the dentist, but we have a deeper sedation option for our more fearful patients.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is game-changing treatment in dentistry that can make you feel comfortable and calm during your dental visits and allow you to have multiple treatments completed in one trip. Oral sedation is rendered in the form of a pill that you are prescribed before your visit. You’ll have a friend or family member drive you to our office the day of your procedure, and by the time you reach the dental chair, you’ll feel extremely relaxed and anxiety-free dentistry.

Oral sedation allows you to stay conscious during the treatment, but you’ll likely be in a near-dream state. Many patients under oral sedation actually fall asleep during their dental procedures. These patients rarely remember their dental visits and feel little, if any, discomfort.

Dr. Kapers uses oral sedation to complete entire Smile Makeovers in just one visit. That includes placing dental implantsall-ceramic crownsdental bridges, fillings, etc. With oral sedation, Dr. Kapers can reverse years of dental neglect in just a few hours! You no longer have to worry about scheduling several visits.

Sedation dentistry also can be used on patients with special needs who have trouble sitting in the chair by themselves and for patients who have a mild to severe gag reflex.

Before recommending any form of sedation dentistry, we’ll first review your medical history to make sure you are a candidate for the dental treatment. Following your visit, we will also give you a check-in call.

If you suffer from dental anxiety or need complex dental treatments, call our St. John dental office at 219-322-9920 or the Valparaiso location at 219-462-1970. You can also use our online form to schedule an appointment.