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Is Gum Bad For Teeth

Is Chewing Gum Bad for Your Teeth?

Do you enjoy chewing gum? Have people told you that it harms your teeth? Or maybe they said the opposite, that it helps your teeth? There are many opinions on gum, but where are the real facts? Read our dentist‘s blog post to…

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Tooth Decay

The Facts About Tooth Decay

Our teeth are an important part of our body. They allow us to eat all kinds of foods. Teeth are the first step in the food process. They bite, chew, and grind our food making it easier to digest. Tooth decay destroys your…

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Dry Socket

What You Need to Know About Dry Socket

Dental health is super important. Cavities, infections, and other dental health problems are painful and also expensive to fix. Dry socket is becoming more and more common in healthy adults after they extract a tooth. Keep on reading our dentist‘s article to discover…

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Calcium Deposits Teeth

Why Are There Calcium Deposits on My Teeth?

It can be awkward to go outside with yellow teeth or teeth with texture. When calcium builds up because of bacteria and food, a plaque forms on the teeth. This is easy to get rid of and prevent, but once it builds up,…

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Worst Halloween Candy

The Worst Halloween Candy for Your Teeth

The holidays are coming up, which means plenty of opportunities to eat Halloween candy. There is nothing wrong with eating Halloween candy, especially once in a while. However, if you continuously eat Halloween candy without brushing your teeth or taking care of your…

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Wisdom Teeth Removed

8 Best Foods to Eat After Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

It usually isn’t fun having to take a trip to the dentist. Wisdom teeth removal can be a headache, but typically your mouth is numb and you are put to sleep during the entire procedure. However, when you wake up it is likely…

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are dental implants permanent

Are Dental Implants Permanent?

Dental implants are growing in popularity, especially as we age. There is nothing wrong with qualifying for and installing permanent dental implants. Actually, these neat devices give many new patients and users confidence as well as life skills that make it easier to…

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Tooth Extraction

The DOs and DON’Ts After Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction is the uprooting of a tooth from the socket in the bone. There are various reasons why someone may need a tooth extraction. A tooth extraction occurs when there is: Damaged Teeth Tooth decay Periodontal Disease Crowded Teeth You should follow…

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what does sedation dentistry feel like

What Does Sedation Dentistry Feel Like?

Have you ever heard of sedation dentistry? This type of dentistry is becoming more and more common as a direct response to individuals who need to be calm during dental procedures. If you’re nervous when you go to the dentist or you’ll be…

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woman in pain in st. john and valparaiso, in

6 Ways Stress Negatively Affects Your Teeth and Gums

6 Ways Stress Negatively Affects Your Teeth and Gums Stress is an important part of survival, but too much can have a negative impact on your health. If you’re feeling stressed too much, you can eventually have a weaker immune system, high blood…

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